"The Boy  

Mom and her son strolling down the street,
Passed a policeman walking his beat,
Mom says to her son, "See that man?
When you need help, he'll do all he can."

"He'll protect you when things get too tough,
He'll save you when people get too rough.
He'll stop you from doing something bad,
He'll comfort you if you are alone and sad."

The young officer turned with a smile,
He said, "That's the best thing I've heard in awhile.
It's nice to know you feel that way,
Because we sure don't hear it everyday."

The boy passed the officer all the time before school,
He began to think being a cop would be cool.
"If I could wear that badge and have a gun,
Shooting up bad guys could be tons of fun."

Then one day the boy thought and found,
That for days had not seen his friend around.
His mom said "I've got bad news for you
Because there is something sad we must go do."

The boy wore a nice shirt and had his shoes tied,
While his mom told him his friend the officer had died.
He left his friends, his family, his wife,
All just to protect his way of life.

The boy has now grown into a man,
And he is protecting us in the only way he can.
He passes a mom and young boy on the street,
While he is out walking his beat.

The little boy looked at the new officer in awe,
Like he was the neatest thing that he ever saw.
The young cop crouched down with a smile,
And said to the mom, "That's the best thing I've seen in awhile."

Michelle Lea

Copyright© - 1999 and may not be
copy in any form without

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