"The Cadet's Ride Along"

Dedicated to all friends and family of police cadets that don't understand this line of work.

Sitting in our black and white
my partner and I are called,
the scene we are to come upon
a mother and child both mauled .

The blood, the screams, the atmosphere
the alcoholic breath.
He said he thought that he could drive
and didn’t want to cause a death.

The doctor said they were dead
“due to cockiness.
he drank to much to go drive.
he caused this whole damn mess.”

We took him to the county jail
wrote reports out too.
The gruesome scene we just saw,
to me was nothing new.

Sitting in our black and white,
a call rang out for us.
We went to a frantic house,
where people yell and cuss.

We parted them in different rooms,
hoping they’d settle down.
But that wasn’t what they wanted,
we had to take them down.

Arrests were made and peace restored
as we exited the house.
The drive to that county jail
Was as quiet as a mouse.

Then we took a moment to think of,
the ones we love so dear.
We have to put up a front
to keep from showing fear.

My partner is a full time cop,
he does this all the time.
I am only, a young cadet,
that volunteers his time.

I ride along and do the job
that I was sworn to do.
I wear my badge with honor,
each call that we go to.

We love our family and our friends
and promise to come home at night.
We don’t want to break that promise
but that’s the battle that all cops have to fight.

Cadets learn the world of law
on every ride we go.
I would like to thank my partner
for all the patience he shows.

He has led me through the good and bad
of my young police days.
He has shown me how much I love
this job that doesn’t pay.

As police cadets we see
all the good and bad.
We see the same exact thing,
as the guy with the full time badge.


Chris Green

Cadet ~ Hillsboro Police Department

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © November 2, 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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