"The Life of a Police Officer

You talk about the street gangs; kids killing kids.
You talk about the drugs; people selling,
taking and OD'ing.

You talk about the accidents and DUI's:
People dead and dying... I still hear the cries.
You talk about the Rapes; children, mothers,
wives and sons.

You talk about the murders; brains, guts,
death and blood.

All these things you talk about like
they are happening somewhere else.
All these things you talk about like they
are wars in other worlds.

You see these things like a movie,
or read them like a book.
We live them every day and are still
expected to smile when you look.

You read the papers and you watch the news.
You think that Horror movies are cool.
We live this horror every day; the kids killing kids,
drugs, accidents, murders and rapes.

We see these things every day; parents beating children,
husbands beating wives, people killing people,
deaths and DUI's.

To us this is life and we have to remain strong;
because we are the ones that you come to
when something in your life goes drastically wrong.

You see we wear a uniform, though
Though we are not all in the military.
We are a special breed of soldier.

We don't fight in the wars between countries.
We fight to keep ourselves and our Partners alive,
so that we can go home each night to our
husbands, children and wives.

We fight to stay alive while protecting you and yours.
We see our brothers and sisters in blue die each day
by your hand or their own, when they see no way to cope.

And then we try to fight the nightmares
when it is time for us to go home.
We are Police Officers, and this is our life.


Lorah R. Buchanan

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright Š 1998 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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