"The Modern Knight"

 The dragon, dark as midnight black,
Exhales a font of fire.
Who of us would e’er stand up
To face the Dragon’s Ire?

 When danger came in days of yore,
They’d order men to fight
But he that fights the beast of crime
Must be a modern knight.

Such knights, just as the ones of old,
Do don their sword and shields.
They fight their battle every day
And never will they yield.

They leave their families every day
 to answer duty’s call.
Knowing this may be the day
They’re called to give their all.

 Now Dragon strikes and strikes again
With anger, hurt, hurt and greed!
Whilst noble knight does parry each
and rescues those in need.

Not word, nor deed, nor blood, nor death
Will frighten him away
He takes them on and fights them off
To guard us every day.

 He takes abuse and scorn each day
From citizens that he loves.
They do not know the hurt they bring,
insulting what he does

 Then our knight with face so calm
Signs out at end of day
While another knight arrives in time
To step into the fray.

Now homeward bound our knight he goes
His war for now is done.
He opens door to the loving arms
Of his wife and his son.

God go with ye, yon mighty knight
Where e’er the battle rage!
He’s promised to be with us all
“E’en unto the end of the age.”


 Brian Bartelt,

Security Officer

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © March 2005 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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