The One True Companion

The one true companion, the one I love

Why did this world take you away?
I donít understand why,
I never will how a companion so dear, just slipped away
Through thick and thin, sleet and rain
You where there, always at my side
Ready to protect the one you loved so dear
We were the ones, you and I
Who stop the crime, time to time
Always ready, always prepared
To do the good, stop the bad

Hey what a team we had

K-9 Speaking Now

onít remember the bad always the good

The way two friends would
Try not to cry those tears of sorrow
For Iím happy, not sad
In the place up above
Fetching all day long
Waiting for you to come
Donít hurry though, friends need you there
For Iíll be waiting, I am the one true companion
A manís best friend
I am gone but not lost forever
A name no one can forget
I am the companion behind the law
I am the one truer than ever
I am the owner
I am the dog


Kelsey Jenkins

In memory of a very special K9 unit dog. Not just an average dog, one that makes you laugh and smile through the toughest of times. The one that gave it's last breath to make sure you lived another day to see your family again.

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © March 19, 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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