"The Price" 
It's early in the morning, 4:05.
You're a rookie policeman, young and alive.
Geared up and ready, full of spice.
Not knowing what's to come,
Not knowing the Price.

You decide to run radar on a dark, quiet drive.
Eager and alert for the offender to arrive.
There goes a car, checked at sixty-eight.
Turn on your lights and siren, oh, it feels great.

Come to a stop under a street light.
Not knowing what's to come,
Not knowing the fright.
You approach the car, standing proud,
Then you hear the bang, fierce and loud.

You fall to the ground, your conscience still aware.
You feel the pain, as you breathe your last air.
The ones you leave behind, friends and family.
They're the ones who will suffer this dramatic tragedy.
Some think it's a job, nine to five.
But no one really knows the fear we try to hide.

So take heed to these words, for they are good advice.
Be aware of what can happen,
Be aware of The Price.

Patrick K. Jackson

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"A Tribute to Law Enforcement"
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