"The Sacred Place"

  On any given road,
There is that one location which carries a heavy load

To those that fell,
And on the roadside went through hell

That spot where it all ended,
Peace and safety was defended

The lights came on, and effected the stop,

Then the gunfire, that struck down a cop


The shoulder of the road was stained,

With the blood of a brother officer slain

  Cut down in his prime,
Sworn to protect, sworn to fight crime

  The scene where two cars stopped,
And the bad guy fled after shooting a cop.

  A memorial is placed on the shoulder,
And as his brother officers grow older

  Each passes by that spot, that sacred spot,
Reminding them of the night their brother was shot

  The night a simple traffic stop went wrong,
That night will remain, forever on

  In the minds of those that were there,
They are forever aware

  Of that sacred spot that reminds them all,
To be careful on each and every call.


Travis Bateman

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © December 29, 2007 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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