"Three Officers

State of Texas

In Memoriam:

Deputy Mark Stephenson
Deputy Thomas Monse, Jr.
Trooper Terry Miller

Texas Highway Patrol

Someone told me about three officers killed today
And I thought to myself what has this world come to?

Who has the right to make a false 911 call
Just to kill?

To kill three men who saved our lives everyday
Without regard of their own.

To kill three men who have families who love them
Who have friends who love them.

No one has the right to do this. But someone did just that.
He killed three officers today and injured two in a false call.
And I thought to myself what a horrible world we live in.

Three families have lost their loved ones.
Did he think about them before he killed them?
I doubt it.

Did he think about the medics who had to come to the scene after?
Did he think about their fellow police officers?
I seriously doubt it.

He thought about one thing and one thing only...
And I thought to myself....
What a terrible terrible waste.

Written by:

Dawn Towlson

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © October 13, 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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