By Catherine Cobb

for my husband, Lt. Robert D. Cobb

Looking out the window I see the snow blowing across my view. It’s as though God is tired of all the brilliance of the earth and wants to enjoy his own somber mood, relishing in the quiet of the mounting snow. I wonder if you are in your mobile "office" or out in the elements, helping some poor soul who may be stranded or worse.

But I am thinking of you.

Looking out the window I see the rain spattering tears down the pane, but beyond, the first colors of Spring are waking from the now warming earth, the rain feeding their roots with the promise of glorious days to come. Are you enjoying any of this or are you once again coming between others to try and make their peace for them?

I am thinking of you.

I look out the window and as the rain of Spring had promised, the colors of Summer are in full bloom and the tastes of the fruits borne from this promise are now the enjoyment of those who have the opportunity to relish in their sweetness. Do you see what is before you in the world besides the anguish of others, the horrific crimes and the ungrateful who prey upon you for protection?

I am here, thinking only of you.

As Fall arrives I am once again looking out the window and drinking in the sights of the Autumn colors of the earth. Magnificent to one's eye with the boldness being displayed without any shame, in a way only Mother Earth can get away with. Where are you in the midst of all that is taking place? Have you been sent to someone’s home to relay the news of a loved one's death?

As always, I am thinking of you

You are my Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall. Unrelenting in your efforts to protect and serve others, regardless of the countless obstacles that you encounter on the professional journey you have chosen to take. Somber in the Winter whiteness with thoughts of things you don’t want to remember; dissolving in your tears in the Spring when no one is around, giving your own soul the sustenance needed for its growth; affording me the opportunity, as the world in the Summer, to relish in the sweetness of you that no one else knows and finally; the magnificent Autumn of you that blazes onward through life making my world one of peace.

As I sit and look out the window at all that is before me,
I am always looking for you and softly praying to myself  that..............

You come home safely to me

I ask you to please show your respect and constant support for your law
enforcement officials, for they carry a burden that cannot be fully described.

Catherine Cobb

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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