This "Special Poem" speaks to the
needless slaughter of the inocent by DUI's

On one side, was the most remarkable moon,
So large you could see even the tiniest of details.

On the other side, I caught a faint glimpse of
The colorful rising sun.

For one brief moment the two worlds were one.
The sound was a rhythmic patter,
Which I heard many times before.

The crisp morning breeze fell upon my warm face.
The day started as it usually did.

But, I never knew that my two magnificent worlds
Could be torn apart,
Leaving only an endless fear of nothingness.

The last sound was a loud piercing screech,
Bright light quickly faded into dark.

Today was like no other,
Today was the final test,


I jog every morning. I never saw the car that hit me, not the color, not even\par the face behind the wheel. I saw nothing but blackness; deep cold, blackness.

I tried desperately to yell and scream but I couldn't, not even one little whimper. I heard voices; they were quiet, almost mumbling, but the only true words I heard were " we've lost her."

My funeral came, everyone said so many kind things. It's ironic; people always\par wait until you die to say something nice about you. The last voice I heard was the voice of the drunk driver. He was sober now; he pleaded for forgiveness\par but we both knew that this absolution would never come. After he left there was this silence; a long-lonely silence that seemed to go on forever. The next morning as the moon was fading and the sun was rising, there was peace; not good, not bad, just endless peace.

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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