Connecticut State Police


Connecticut State Police Academy


Dedicated: To the men and women in the
Connecticut State Police. Thank you for
giving me something to look forward to in life.

Knowing every time you make that crucial fall.
That he will come when you call.
To come and pick you up.
Or talk you out of that treacherous jump.

Whether the roads are slippery and wet.
He would still come not knowing if you’ve met
Even if Mother Nature sweeps away the trees.
He’ll be flying down that highway like a breeze.

He’ll come with the peddle pressed to the dime.
Anxiously questioning if he’ll be in time.
Surprising all with his sirens and lights.
Wondering if he’s gonna break up a fight.

He’s there to help you through it all.
Even if you were completely wrong.
To keep peace even if his life is on the line.
He’ll be there to stop the crime.

When and how you hit that alarm.
He’ll be there to prevent your harm
Whether he has to stop evil in it’s tracks.
He won’t let him make that bloodshed attack.

When you drive drunk at night.
He’ll be there with his flashing red lights.
Running may be an option you might want to take.
But he won’t let you run from your mistake.

Trooper, Trooper you are the best
Coming far from close to all the rest.
Your life’s the dream I want to come true.
Hopefully one day it will come too.

When and how it comes to the end.
The Trooper will be there standing tall again.
It’s not easy being the best.
That’s why seconds are for all the rest.



Age: 18 ~ Currently a Senior in High School

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © November 15, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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