"A Colorado Troopers Prayer

Colorado State Patrol
Colorado State Patrol

Tonight I hit my knees,
Before I hit the streets.
O' God I pray that I don't see
The things that I fear inside of me.

A lonely stretch of highway,
A mother calls her child.
A bent and twisted wreck,
Her screams relentless and wild.

Searching the grassy shoulder,
For something I can't see.
Not really wanting to find it,
A "pain" begins inside of me.

An Infant small and lifeless,
Lays alone inside the night.
Reaching down I feel the warmth,
And pray with all my might.

As I kneel beside the body,
A tear escapes my eye.
I look up toward the heaven's,
And hope that I won't cry.

For me the night will last forever,
And the child never will.
As I scoop her up against my chest,
And hold her till she's still.

God "take my strength's...
My happiness, my life...
If only she won't die.
I'd gladly trade it all just to hear her cry"

A lonely place, a small grave I stand before,
After everyone is gone.
I never knew this child,
But her Memory will forever linger on.

Tonight I hit my knees,
Before I hit the streets.
O' God I pray that I don't see,
The things I fear inside of me.

~ Brian ~

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 1998 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

This poem was written after being on a scene of a tragic collision.  It's been almost a year and I still think about this child.  Being the father of a seven old daughter and it's hard to forget.  Maybe leaving an impact in my life such as she did the only thing I can give her in return is this poem ... for her and the other children who are killed in traffic accidents ... God bless them all!

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