"Welcome Son"

Son, this poem is to say welcome,
Into our “Family,”
I hope you get even a fraction,
Of doing your job as me.

The object is to serve, Son.
But I’m sure you know that well,
You’ve been with us many times,
We’ve walked into pure hell.

Remember your job is to come Home.
And all your partners too.
And always look out for ,
Your brothers who wear the blue.

Some folks will truly hate you,
Just because who you are.
It’s just the price you paid, Son
When you pinned on your Star.

Never take a chance!
Even though you think,
It might be the thing to do.
Follow tactical procedure-
The way we taught you to.

There is nothing quite like,
The job you’ve chose to do,
Although it will make you old.
You can make a difference,
In this world of violence, Untold.

Remember I am always with you,
In mind and body and soul,
On every run and every call,
My heart goes out to you.

Don’t take unnecessary chances,
Do things the way we taught you to.
And remember Elko 516
Dad’s proud as hell of you.


Sergeant D. L. Crafton

Twin Falls (Idaho) Police Department (Retired)

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © November 11, 2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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