"What's a Policeman?"
(A father talking to his boy)

What’s a Policeman the little boy asked ?”
Dad replied the guy that’s always tasked
To protect life and public order
From each end of the state, border to border

My friend’s daddy said they are evil men”
Who does he run to when he needs a friend
I bet he’s called the cops when he’s in trouble
And they would have come flying at the double.

Who tells the relatives when some one is dead?”
It the policeman that tells what has to be said
He also attends the original scene
And has to be above the normal human being

I watched telly & saw the policeman crying”
You would to, if you saw someone dying
There is a lot to a policeman you don’t see
He is human with feelings and no law degree

My Friend says coppers are all dumb”
They’re not the ones who live by the gun
The cops always follow the criminals trail
And that’s why the crooks end up in jail

It would be great to be in a car chase”
Everything happens at a fast pace
It is very dangerous & the risk is great
No one has control over their fate

When would a policeman enjoy his job”
There are times that I would give up on that mob
It’s the little things that give satisfaction
It is always when you get the right reaction

It’s been great to have this little chat,
But I have to go to work, where’s my police hat
I hope I answered your questions my young man
“I want to be a Policeman like you if I can”


Glynn Withey

Kyneton, Australia

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © 2000-2001 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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