Why do you wanna be a deputy so many people ask, your always getting
beat up on, shot at, ridiculed and harassed

Why do you wanna be a deputy so many people want to know, you work
long, hard, odd, strenuous hours for pay thatís a joke

Why do you wanna be a deputy people ask with uncertainty in their eyes,
you get no respect and so many times you donít even know if your gonna
go home that night

Why do you wanna be a deputy my family is constantly asking, you put
youíre life on the line everyday, and you see and hear the most horrible

So why do I wanna be a deputy? Well itís not easy to explain, itís just
something that I want in my heart, in my soul, in my inner flame

Why A Deputy?

For when I catch the burglar who broke into an old womanís home, who
has ruffed her up, stolen all her belongings and her pride and now she is
scared to be alone.

To be able to tell her that he is behind bars and she is now safe, to be able
to see a sigh of relief in her eyes, and a smile upon her face

Why A Deputy?

For when I pull over a car thatís a possible DUI and I give him a field
sobriety test and realize this guy is way too drunk to drive

Because of me there is one less drunk out there tonight, one less possibility that he could kill someone or ruin an innocent life

Why A Deputy?

For when I arrive at the scene of a young girl who has been raped, her confidence, self-esteem, and pride have been stolen, and now she is scared and afraid

I hold her hand, and comfort her when she cries as I listen to her horrible story and assure her that everything will be all right, I am able to reassure her faith in herself and help her understand that she didnít cause this rape, for now she believes in angels and she knows that I will keep her safe

Why A Deputy?

For when I see a smile on a childís face and knowing that because of
me their world is a little safer place

For when I teach kids to "just say no" and they remember it when someone tries to sell them dope

For all the good that I do For all the help that I provide

So Why a deputy you ask, because itís worth it even if I only change one
personís life.


Christina Sudduth

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © February 25, 2000 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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