"You're a Policeman"

Dedicated to Law Enforcement Officers
throughout the United States

When the hours seem long and the going, rough
When the pay seems small and the criminals, tough
Just square your shoulders and call their bluff
Let them be the ones to cry, "Enough"

You're a Policeman.

When the public scoffs and the papers rave
And blame you alone for a new crime wave
They'll change quick enough when there're lives to save
For deep in their hearts they count you brave

You're a Policeman.

When you bid your loved ones goodbye each day
Don't be too sure you've the harder way
You shoot it out with the crook at bay
They're th eones who sit a home and pray

You're a Policeman.

When you get back home dog tired at night
And wonder if life's really worth the fight
Your cares will vanish and burdens seem light
If you've done your best and your conscience's right

You're a Policeman.

When promotion comes, as it surely will,
If you do your job an dare loyal still
Don't forget soon in your new found thrill
Those others who are plodding up the hill

You're a Policeman.

When you leave at last this worldly din
And seek, like mortals, Paradise to win
Saint Peter, I trust, will o'erlook ev'ry sin
And say, "Well done, my boy, come right in.

You're a Policeman.

W. H. Drane Lester

Agent Lester was with the FBI from 1932 until 1940.
He was killed in a car wreck in 1941. The earliest dated
copy of the poem was dated May 1, 1936. He was the author
of the FBI motto, "Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity"

Special Thanks for this information from the research of:
Dorsey Drane

Copyright © , All Rights Reserved and may
not be copied without express permission

Special Thanks for Walter Westwood
The Westwood Family

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