Arlington Police Department - Texas

"You Don't Know How It Feels"

Out we go each and every day.
families at home, children at play.
We never know when our time is near
the ultimate price, "I love you dear."

Look at me and think what you may,
but in time of need, I'm on the way.
Never failing to do my best,
I'll lay down my life ... to this I attest.

My life for yours, does that seem fair,
ask my family, if you dare.
It's the career I've chose, you wouldn't understand.
It's about helping others when they need a hand.

You beat your loved ones and drive around drunk,
steal from others, act like a punk.
Use your drugs and sell them too,
rob innocent people because they're not like you.

"Gangbangers" to "wanta be's" you all try to fit in,
why do you act that way ... scared of the "pen?"
I'm just doing my job, you wouldn't understand.
Don't want me around till you need help, man.

The pay isn't great, and the hours are strange,
but I love what I do, do you feel the same?
Saving the world is not what it's about,
one at a time, we try to help out.

I just want to go home, my family to see,
try as you may, you won't take that from me.
Maybe not today, but I will see them again.
As I stand with Saint Peter ... and welcome them in.

Brad Crews

# 1811 ~ Arlington Police Department

Used with Special Permission of the Author
Copyright © December 2, 1999 - All Rights Reserved

and may not be duplicated without permission

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