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In Memoriam to and Special Recognition of Peace Officers around the World
What started out to be a (one) page entitled "A Couple of Cop Poems" in 1997, has turned into the internet's largest Police Poems site called "PolicePoems.com" Further, you can now use a search engine to find just the right poem!

Special thanks to the Authors of the poetry and prose on this site. Their talents are a compilation of "very real & meaningful poems." Some will bring to memory those who  made the "Ultimate Sacrifice" for us, some will bring you to tears, some  will keep you safe on the front lines,  but ALL will touch the inner depths of your heart.

IF you are a family member, a partner, a loved one, or friend, then I pray that the right poem(s) will help to bring some relief and closure to the ever continuing loss that you are going through. It is a "void" that never can be filled. For additional support you may wish to go to "Your Closest Back-Up"

IF you are a member of the General Public, then I pray that these poems will bring a greater understanding of just who it is that we are, what it is that we do and a proper respect of those who "Protect & Serve."

Thanks also for the many letters from those who have been touched deeply through this site - YOU are the reason and inspiration!

Visitors since June 28, 1998 can't be wrong!

Those poems with a  have music (midis) with them. Music adds another dimension to the written script, so IF you don't have the FREE Crescendo Midi Player make sure you download it! This background music is usually at the choice of the submitter of the poem.

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Last Updated on Tuesday, February 10, 2015

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10-7 10-42 St. Lucie 267 Goodbye boys in blue   Red and Blues
A Blue Day  Grandpa Reflections of Police Week 
A Colorado Troopers Prayer  Guardian Angel    Remembering Me 
A Cop on the Take    Harold Taylor Remembering My Friend   
A Cop's Christmas Prayer Have You?   Revenge Served Cold   
A Cop's Sixth Sense  He Answered The Call     Running Guard
A Cop's Thanksgiving Prayer He's Always There     September 11, 2001 (WTC)     
A Correction Officer's Prayer  Heaven Called Some of (WTC) Shattered (DUI)
A Cowardly Attack (WTC)     Heaven Called It's Hero's Home Shoot Out   
A Day of a Police Officer (MP) Heaven Needed a Deputy  Shrouded Badges   
A Dying Declaration   Heaven's Beat (Parents)   Side By Side (WTC)  
A Final 10-42  Heroes   Signal 13
A Girlfriend of a Cop   Highway Patrol Officer's Prayer  Silver Star on His Chest
A Good & Wonderful Man...  His Final 10-42 (Spouse) Since I Was Eight 
A Hallowed Prayer (Spouse) Holding The Line   St. Michael Protect Us ...
A Hero Is Hope for N.Y.C. (WTC) State Policemen (WVSP) 
A Kiss Goodbye    I Am An Explorer  (Explorer)  Some Still Call Him Pig (WTC)   
A Letter to Heaven (Spouse) I Am Testing the . . . Tears (WTC)
A Mother, A Wife, A Cop   I am the Officer  Tears of a Cop  
A Mother's Prayer I am the Trooper  Tell Them I'm Sorry  
A Part of America Died I am Remembered   Thank You
A Patrolman's Departure I can I am   Thank You, Officer  
A Police Officer   I Pray   Thankless Job   
A Police Officer's Daughter I Never Got a Chance . . .  The American Policeman   
A Police Officer's Prayer I Want To Tell You Lies    The Badge
A Police Officer's Prayer I Watch Him (Spouse) The Badge Shines Bright 
A Police Officer's Wife  (Spouse) I Will Come Home To You   The Boy
A Police Officer's Wife I Wish (OSP) - (Parents) The Brave Men In Green (Explorer)
A Policeman's Prayer If I Could Make The Perfect Cop   The Brave One Hundred  
A Policeman Was Killed Last Night If Only He Knew (Kids)    The Brown Shirt
A Policewoman's Prayer  I'm just a man The Cadet's Ride Along (Cadet)  
A Returning Moment In Love With A Police Officer   The Call  (SCHP) (Dispatcher) 
A River Wide and Deep (WSP)  In the Heart of Every Cop  The Call   
A Routine Stop (Dispatcher) In The Line Of Duty The Cement
A September Mourn (WTC)   In the Simple Performance of Duty  The Christian Cop
A Shield Against The Night    In Your Memory  The Constable  (ASP)
A Single Shot It Could Have Been Me The Corridor Of Men (DOC) 
A Tear It Is Over The Creation of Peace Officers 
A Tear Fell (WTC)   J.C.'s Sendoff   The Eyes of a Man   
A Tribute   Just A Cop The Fallen Heroes of NYC (WTC)
A Tribute to A Cop's Wife (Spouse) Just A Dispatcher (Dispatcher)  The Final Inspection 
A Trooper (WVSP)  Just a Dog  (K-9)  The Final Sound
A Trooper I Knew  (MSP) Just Another Man   The Hero in the Night   
Alive Asleep Just One Person   The Job I Do
Alone But Not Alone   Kate (DUI-A Mother's Torn Heart) The Journey 
Always On The Job Last Say (WTC)   The Knight 
America's Most Strongest   Law Enforcement  The Last Shift (OSP)  
An LEO Funeral     Love for the Job    The Law Man   
An Officer's Belief  Loving A Policeman The Lawman and the Lord  
An Officer's Grace Lockerbie Dreams  The Life of a Police Officer
An Officer's Poem   Loving a Police Officer  (Spouse)  The Litigation Team (HN)
Angels Unaware Making Up For The Past (Dad)  The Loss of a Blue Ribbon (ISP)
Angels By Your Side Mark Fisher ‘o Broken Hill   The Man Behind The Star
Angel In Blue  May It Never Be Forgotten  The Message (Christmas)
Angels in Blue  Me Minus You The Modern Knight
Anonymous Voices (Dispatcher)  Missouri State Trooper (MSHP) The Monument 
Another Night of Crime   Motor Officers  (Author Found!) The National Medal   
Another One Fell Mounted Patrol   The One True Companion  
Aron's Paradise (K-9)   My Angel In Blue The Ones I Leave Behind 
As Others' Sleep (WTC-Pending Healing Time) My Angel, My Mother (WTC)   The Passing 
Behind the Badge of Reality My Beat The Parting Glass 
Bethany 229 My Brother  The Path I Have Chosen  
Beyond A Christmas Day   My Brother Rusty  The Perfect Ending (Spouse)
Beyond the Call of Duty My Dad  The Policemen 
Blood Upon the Shield   My Dad The Cop The Price 
Blue Angel Crying My Darling Dear   The Promise   
Blue Berets   (AP) My Father The Protector In Blue  
Blue Warrior My Friend   (Scuba)  The Real Life Nightmare
Bottomless Cup of Coffee    My Friends In Blue The Risk
Brothers    My Hero The Sacred Place
Brothers     My Hero The Sarge  
Called to give my all (K-9)  My Husband, My Life ...   The Season
Chicago's Angel     My Man In Blue  The Shield 
Christmas Patrol   My Mom The Cop The Shield  
Christmas Pursuit    My Policewoman   The Thin Blue Line
Confessions of a Police Officer My Police Officer, My Everything The Thin Blue Line (Dispatcher) 
Coppers Strain  My Prayer For My ...    The Thin Blue Line
Cop   My Special Friends  The Thin Blue Line (for Eric)
COPS  My Stone Father   The Thirty-Seven (WTC)
Copswives (Spouse) My Thoughts   The Trooper's Riddle (WSP)  
Could You Be That Brave?    My Trooper (CSP) The Wilcannia Lockup Keeper   
County Jail Nero Our Hero    The Working Dog (K-9) 
Cursed Cop Next Time These Things I See (Cadet)
Cycle Of An Officer  Never Go To Bed Mad (Spouse) They Can't Say 
Dad Nick's Wings  They Gave Their All  
Daddy's Badge Night Walkers Three Officers
Dare Me No Guarantees    Those Who Serve
Dear God, I miss my Daddy   No Regrets Through My Window, . . . (Spouse)
Death of an Innocent  Not Just A Cop Timing 
Deputy Down   (Cadet) Not Just A Policeman To Serve and Protect
Deputy's Star  Nothing Better (coming) To Serve and Protect (WTC)   
Deputy To Friend November Night   To Yourself Be True   
Do Not Judge   November Tears Today (DUI)
Do You Know Me?   (Dispatcher)  Ode To An Officer In Training Toughest Job   
Don't Be Blinded By My Badge Oh My Love ... (WTC) Tribute ... (WTC)
Don't Give Up    One Day in a Cops Life Trooper
Does He Know ... (Spouse) One Officer Less     Two Young Lives (OCP/OHP)
Does She Know (Spouse)  Officer Down Unsung Heroes   
Dreams of my Father Officer     United We Stand (WTC)
Dressed In Blue Officer Safety    Waiting in the Dark
Dressed In Blue     Only Talk (HN)  Watch Out for him Lord (Spouse)
Everybody Hurts Our Boss   We  
Fallen Hero Our Dad, Our Hero We Are Not Heroes (WTC)   
Fallen Knight Our Daddy   We Expect Them To Be
Fallen Officer Desmond Casey Our Dark Night     We Remember the Officers 
Family    Our Dispatchers (VSP)  Welcome Son
Family Notification - ... Death   Our Fallen Brother   When A Cop Sleeps  
Fast Asleep (WTC)     Our Heroes What's a Policeman  
Father To Son Out of Site, Out of Mind  What It Is To Be A Cop 
First Cry Overheard (WTC)   Who loves the Warrior?
Final Call Partners Wife's Goodnight Prayer  (Spouse)
For Fallen Officer Ronald W. Feldner Penance  Whispered Tears  
For My Husband (Spouse) Police Who Am I? (Death Notification) 
Forever In Our Hearts (WTC) Police  Why A Deputy 
Freedom Never Dies (WTC)   Police Man's Pride    Why Do I Bother?
Friends in Blue  (Dispatcher)   Police Officers Wings  
From Your Little Girl (Parents)  Police Sacrifice   Yes Me the Lousy Cop   
Give Him a Guardian Angel   Police Week   You Don't Know How it Feels    
God's First Police Officer  Policeman    You Go, We Go (Coming)
God's Own Heroes (WTC) Policeman     You Missed (WTC)   
Goin' Home (PSP)  Policeman's Prayer  You're a Policeman
  Pray for the Men in Blue  

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GENERALLY - I need at least the "REQUIRED" items below completed. Submissions should be Police Poems about all kinds of Law Enforcement. I may accept some poems that are a little more "broader" IF they of the type that lift up, give support, help in the time of hurt and can be easily understood to be doing just that. 

IF you would like to have your poem or prose posted here, please e-mail me with your particulars for inclusion at the address below. I use a standard Copyright © Disclaimer for your protection.  While not ALL information is NOT "Required" it does help me to present your work in the most appropriately way, with the feeling and effect you desire. Items that are not required may be left up to my discretion.

TIME - Working full-time now for the U.S. Marshal Service (CSO), maintaining a Motor Vehicle Collision Reconstruction business, amongst other life that I am FULL-filling may require a bit of time to get your poem up, but it WILL be done!  There are times when I get behind, so bear with me Brothers and Sisters.

What I'll do is put the name of the poem in the index above along with a "Coming" notation and a . When you see it hyperlinked and a , it's up and running! (I'll take the time to send you an e-mail to let you know.) Here is what I need:

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I want YOUR Poem to be right for YOU, so don't be afraid to request ANY changes.  No changes are too big or small for me!

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IF one of your poems is here, please e-mail me also so that I may give you the Proper Credits and permissions for inclusion, especially if your name is Anonymous or Unknown!

GOLD STARS with the "Simple Criteria" of the response from numbers of those who read them, appreciation for your work, and especially on how the poem spoke to them in their time of need. Poems dedicated to those who made the "Ultimate Sacrifice" will always receive the "Ultimate Respect" with a Gold Star Designation.

Copyright© 1997- 2007 - These poems and prose are the work of the individual writers and may NOT be duplicated, copied in any format without the express permission(s) of said writers and rightful owners. Wherever possible site and e-mail links have been provided for direct contact of said owners for permission.

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This ever growing collection should NOT be duplicated in any format without my expressed permission!

IF you wish to build your own site or collection, by all means do so, but contact the individual Authors and sites for permission. I have NO monopoly of Police Poems. IF you are looking for poems for your site and are using my site as a source, then AT LEAST give my site the credit it deserves? Put my banner (above) with a hyperlink on your site or a TEXT line with a hyperlink and some kind words about my site and/or work? Should I find a poem from your site or someone refers me, rest assured I will contact you first before posting it here; thus, honoring your work and your site will be hyperlinked at the bottom of the poems as to where it came from.

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